Friday, November 23, 2012

Triple Crown Wrap Up

I know its been almost a month since the final triple crown event but i need to make a little update about it!

Hound Ears
Conditions: it was harm and humid and started to mist towards the end of the day
Overall the event went really well! Had a good time and was able to do a couple new climbs!

New Climbs: The unforgiven (V7), Shocker Kahn (V7), Mr. Butterfingers (V7) and King Size Milk Way (V7)

Out of all those new climbs I liked Mr. Butterfingers the most because it required a lot of effort and weird mantle abilities!

1st - Lisa Rands
2nd - Me
3rd - Rachel Edwards

Little Rock City
Conditions: it was harm, but since my skin was in good shape climbs didn't feel to bad for me.  I had a great day, almost my best day ever.  I was unable to complete two climbs that would of made my day amazing! 

New Climbs: Queen Cobra (V8) and Pringle Problem (V8)

1st - Me
2nd - Rachel Edwards
3rd - Lisa Rands

Horse Pens 40
Conditions: It was warm/hot.  My skin was in no shape to climb.  My tips started to sweat after the warm up.  It was a hard day.  Couldn't do half the climbs i usually can do easily.  Oh man it was a hard day! I fought hard all the way to the last minute! 

New Climbs: Hugs and Kisses (V8), Hang Loose (V7), Out of the Box (V6) and Drainpipe (V6)

1st - Me
2nd - Rachel Edwards
3rd - Leanna Lockhart 

Experience: I decided that next year if i do the triple crown events I will do star chaser.  I had gotten too frustrating to not be able to repeat certain climbs that you know you can do.  This way i'll be able to get on a bunch of stuff that i've never been on before.  

Perspective for the future: Goal next year is to get 200 stars at each event! We will see how close i will get to that 200! 

1st - Me
2nd - Rachel Edwards
3rd - Lisa Rands

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Been busy Part 2

Like i mentioned a few months ago!
I've been busy... 
School is coming to an end for this semester
I will have some more free time and i will update my blog with past events from the last few months!
Sometimes you can only juggle so many things at one time!
And updating my blog on a regular basis has not been one of them!
So wish me luck and i will post soon!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Been Busy

I've been very busy ever since i got back from Colorado
School started
And i've been trying to concentrate on getting stronger
I worked for a while
But then i got sick and have been sick for the last three weeks

I went to the Seattle Pro UBC competition last weekend
It was awesome!
I was really happy with my performance after qualifiers because i had flashed all the boulders
I have never done that before!
Unfortunately i did not have the power, energy or what have you in semi finals
because i got 7th and they took top 6 to finals
luckily i was at the right place at the right time
and got to forerun the finals problems for the girls
It was a great event
There were a few discrepancies, but overall went really well

TBA just hosted a local ABS competition and it was a lot of work
But the end result was more than we expected!
Super psyched to train on these problems!

It's the fall and every fall for the last six or seven years it's been the same thing
The first one at Hound Ears is this weekend 10/6/12
The second one at LRC is the weekend of 10/13/12
And the last one at HP40 is the weekend of 11/3/12

I have fall break and one of my best friend's wedding in between the last two triple crowns so i'll be spending a good amount of time at and near the red... Psyched to get some rope climbing in and maybe get my head back in the game... It's been really hard and I still have not over come my "fear"
I still don't really know what the "fear" is!

It's going to be a busy fall and i'm really psyched for it...
It will be going by fast but hopefully i'll have some time to post more often!

2012 SBC PRO HIGHLIGHTS from UBC Pro Tour on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Video time!

Here is a small video that jimmy put together!
It's about what I do over the summer to keep in shape
And what i do to help the community out

Organic Climbing with Kasia Pietras from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pictures of Colorado, mostly RMNP

 View of Upper Chaos

Flower in Estes Park, CO

View of the Long's Peak - RMNP 



View of Upper and Lower from UPPER UPPER! 

Panoramic picture of Chaos

 Hike out of RMNP

Hike out of RMNP

Hike out of RMNP

Friday, July 6, 2012

Oreo in Colorado

Of coarse we brought Oreo with us to Colorado
And he's been having a blast!
Here are some pictures showing what he's been up to
Along with a small video clip of him running around with his twin at the dog park

 Oreo hanging out with us under a roof during a heinous hail/thunder storm at Wolvoland

 Oreo's least favorite thing to do... 

 Talus hopping... 

 Oreo chilling under a rock up at Area A at Mt. Evans

 After a long hike to Area B, Oreo is tired!

 Oreo packed into the car while we move to a new locations

 Restday in Estes Park, CO - Oreo jumped into a small water pond

 Chris and Brooks are using Oreo to get some women!

Hanging out at the doggy park in Estes Park, CO

Thursday, June 28, 2012


We've been in Colorado for a little while now
And i've done A LOT of hiking!

We've gone to several areas! 
Wolvoland for the first time - been their three times
RMNP - been their twice 
Area A - been their once
Basin - been their twice
Elk Land - been their once

I have a few projects left that i'd like to complete 
- Marble
- Riddles in the Dark
- Kind Traverse

And I have several problems that i'd like to figure out all the moves 
And with a lot of luck maybe send before we head to rifle
- Unshackled
- Super Gui
- Clear Blue Skies

It's been hot!! 

And it's been rainy! 

But it's been good overall! It's been a lot of fun! 
I'm psyched to send a few more things 
But I have such a long list of things that i'm psyched on back home
That it doesn't really matter!
I'm just happy to relax and have a great summer vacation!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dominion River Rock Competition

The walls that i've climbed on this weekend were the craziest thing ever!
They were super different and super awesome!

 Team Five Ten Represent at the comp!

There were are total of 4 rounds: 
- qualifiers (2 routes)
- quarter-final (2 routes)
- semi-final (1 route)
- final (1 route)

Out of the 6 routes that i climbed on i was able to complete 2 of them
And then about finals i was able to send the finals route
I want to say that my favorite problem from the weekend might of been the finals problem.  
It wasn't too pumpy but hard enough to split people up (minus the top three, haha)
The semi-final route was the hardest one for sure.  The dyno move half way through it was scary, yet Sasha was able to figure out a static way of doing it which was super impressive especially since she was on the wall for her whole time! 
I was not a fan of the first quarter-final route because of all the pockets on it due to my finger injuries.  

 Finals round! Can't really see us, but jimmy is climbing on the right and i'm climbing on the left!!

Psyched to come back next year for sure!!
There was also a dyno comp with the qualifiers on thursday and finals sunday.
It was pretty fun but I have to get better at my dyno skills!

Qualifier #2

Overall Results!

Bouldering Female
1. Sasha
2. Alex
3. Angie
4. Me
5. Katie

Dyno Female
1. Alex
2. Angie
3. Me

Bouldering Male
1. Jimmy
2. Alex
3. Vasya
4. Paul
5. Daniel

Dyno Male
1. Jimmy
2. Alex
3. Michael

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two more weeks till the Dominion Comp!

Day 10
I helped my friends Thompsie and Hugh move today
Later in the day Thompsie and I went on a small walk
Tomorrow is going to be a training day!

Day 11
We went to Stone Summit today
Felt a bit better when it came to endurance today
i got in 15 or 16 pitches
but the last pitch, that deep pump came through
and it was hard to finish up the last pitch!
It was a good day!
Tomorrow, no climbing but other exercises!

Day 12
We reset two walls at the gym today
I set a few problems and then climbed some as well
not too hard but got some bouldering in

Day 13
I tried bouldering a bunch today in gym
Warmed up and then started climbing some of the harder boulder problems in the gym
I was able to piece together one of them and sending it
Thought i'd feel weak but I actually felt pretty good
Psyched for a rest day tomorrow though

Day 14
Today was a rest day
But i still went on a 30 minute walk with Oreo around the gym
When I got back I entertained Lily and Violet (5 and 4 years old)
Got them to do some impressive stuff in the gym
Psyched to see those girls climbing in a couple years

Day 15
Went to stone summit today!
Got on ropes and boulders this time...
it's always such a good workout going there!
love it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Metolius Team

I'm proud to announce that I am part of the Metolius Team!
I am very psyched to be part of this team and can't wait to keep on climbing!
They have a lot of amazing things and they have been at the heart of climbing for a while now!
Check them out!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

More training...

Day 6
Woke up weighing: 
Today Jimmy and I went to stone summit to get our rope climbing on
We went there being very ambitious thinking we would do 30 pitches each
Well to our surprise we only managed 1/3 of that
Jimmy climbed 10 pitches (couple of them being harder than what i tried)
And i climbing 11 pitches
That place with wreck you!!
On my last climb, it wasn't only the pump in my forearms that was making it hard to get to the top
but my whole body was just worked!
Psyched though!!
Throughout the day I stretched a good amount as well...
I thought about running when i got home, but i'm soo tired that I decided not to
Went to bed weighing:

Day 7
Today was more of a rest day for me
Even though I still climbed around a little in the gym
I set two problems as well and tried them to make sure they were good
Towards the end of the night I started to climb all the yellows in the gym
But got interrupted by a phone call
I finished off with my small ab workout from earlier in the week
It was a good semi rest day

Day 8
Woke up this morning and the first thing I did was run for 30 minutes
Came to the gym earlier today to set some problems for the climbing team
I set a endurance traverse for them as well
To start off training I warmed up and did some stretching
Afterwards I climbed all the yellows (minus 2 of them due to the crimpyness of them)
I climbed the endurance traverse of 29 moves once
I feel as if I'm still tired from day 6 of training
I hung out and rested up some
Then Jimmy created a small non-climbing related workout for me to do

- pull up pyramid (1 to 10 and down)
- 300 jumping jacks
- 200 dips
- 100 push ups
- my ab workout
- 200 squats
*do this as fast as possible* (was written at the bottom)

That was a hard workout!
I finished up with a good stretching session!

Day 9
Took it easy today
Was sore from yesterday's training
Today was Friday so everyone was at practice,
so I set a few boulder problems for them to try and had them to a workout
which I think i'll try to do soon as well
I climbed a little bit and I did my ab workout

Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 1 of summer training

Day 2
Didn't do much today besides ran for 30mins
need to get into a better circuit of abs and other workouts
Was in the gym and didn't even climb
gotta get psyched again

Day 3
Went climbing outside on rope
Got on my project, and while hanging draws i fell in the same spot i was falling at a few days ago
Sent it second try today
Then got on a 13c/13d
got shut down! such a hard boulder problem off the deck!

Day 4
Went climbing outside on rope again
Same area but this time we brought Oreo out with us so we had to take the long way in
It is probably about 3 miles in, making it about a 6 mile hike in total
I got on 4 routes, 3 of which I flashed and the other I onsighted
When we got back home I ran for 30 minutes
And did a very small ab workout of 25 crunches and 25 toe touches
Did a good amount of stretching as well
Went to bed weighing: 146.5 lbs

Day 5
Woke up weighing: 144.2 lbs
Went to the climbing gym today to work
During some free time I did a small ab workout

Small AB Workout (30 reps of each exercise, back to back, no rest inbetween exercises)
- butt raises with legs out (it's hard to put a name on this one)
- toe touchers
- side to side (AKA sidewalk slams)
- crunches
- tuck ups

When I got home I did the small ab workout again
Even though it's so small it hurts after completing it!
I did a 30 minute run, followed by a 10 minute stretching session
By stretching so much I feel as if I'm getting more flexible
Went to bed weighing: 146.4 lbs

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 1 of Summer Training

So, i've been talking about training for a while now!
Yet I never keep my promise to myself!
I need to do this for myself...

Day 1
I just took my last final exam for the semester and I figured it would be a great time to start that summer workout that I have been talking about for a while now...
I thought I would start off by climbing some at the gym
but when I got there I got more psyched to set a few problems
In the end I didn't get any climbing in
I came home and sat around for a while
I decided to go for a 30 minute run on the optical machine
After that I stretched out for about 5 minutes

I'll keep my blog up to date throughout the summer with my training and hopefully any competitions and trips that i'll be doing as well as daily trips to local crags!

Just cause it's HOT don't mean we can't get the train on!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Central Rock Climbing Gym Competition

I flew out to Boston this past weekend to attend a climbing competition
A rope climbing competition
The first that i've done in a LONG TIME!
It was a lot of fun!
Thanks to the setters and everyone that helped out!
Routes were awesome!
The format was good as well!
Psyched to do it again next year!
Here is a video of the event!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have recently joined the Five Ten Climbing Team!
I am really excited about it and their shoes are amazing!
Everyone that I have dealt with are awesome and down to earth!
I'm really excited about this and can't wait to grow with this amazing company!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Honey Comb!

This problems has been on my "must do" list for a while now
I've tried it probably for 4 or 5 days
With long periods in-between those days
Went out last week and after a little nap in the sun
It went! I was so psyched!
Here are some pictures thanks to Paul

Oreo running around...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pictures from the Dark Horse Event!


Waiting for the next problem...

Problem #2

Problem #3

Problem #1

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dark Horse Competition

I flew to Boston for the Dark Horse Competition!
I stayed with Shane along with Alex D Johnson

There was a qualifying round from which they took the top 6 finishers
I luckily placed 6th, and made it into finals.
There were 8 guys and girls in the finals round because the winners of the two previous competition got a buy into the final competition.

There were four problems in the finals round
Problem #1: Was one of the closest problems i had ever done in a competition. The fact that you had to drop down onto a feature and be hands free and continue the problem was AMAZING!
Problem #2: It was awesome due to the two mini mantles in it. The finishing hold was very bad, and made it very improbable to just jump to the hold.
Problem #3: It was the most straight forward problem i think. It had awesome movement and flowed really well. The last moves were very big reaches for myself, but i liked it because it tested my ability.
Problem #4: It had about 14 moves on it. And after trying it 3 or 4 times, i was pumped. It was hard to get over the pump.

This competition was 2 weeks before ABS Nationals, and I think it was a great experience to prep for the event. All i know is that i need to work on my endurance a little more, there is not much more i can improve in 2 weeks... haha

So i will be running everyday... doing endurance training at the gym and healing up my finger so that it doesn't hurt as much during Nationals...

Below is a video of the event!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

White Face

I have been trying several climbs out at LRC recently!
I've been trying Interplanatary Escape, where i have come up with short person beta!
I have also been trying Donkey Doobie. I think it is almost time to qualify this climb as an epic. I have been able to get through the crux but yet somehow mess up my beta and fall... Soon though... it will go!

Photo thanks to Lydia - Donkey Doobie

My other project was White Face. It was one of those climbs that when you see for the first time you don't think you will ever climb it. It is my complete anti style so i was always scared to try it. I tried it about 3 days. The last day it finally went and i have to give thanks to the people that let me borrow their pads. I think there were 8 pads being used, making the landing PERFECT!! Here are some pictures that Mike took of me on the send go!

So psyched to have completed this one! Looking forward to some more cold days and great temps!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Break

I've had a pretty awesome winter break so far
To start off winter break I headed up to Michigan with the climbing team
They had regionals up there
Overall it was a great competition
4 of them (Andres, Chris, Anna and Evan) are going to divisionals in north carolina

Following that i went to Hueco Tanks for a 10 day trip
I was super psyched but did not have any expectations
And because of that i had the best trip ever
I climbed my first V11 and finished off several old projects
At the same time I left behind several more projects to come back to

We came back to Chattanooga for the holidays
My dad came up to visit
It was a fun time

I've been climbing almost everyday since the holidays
Trying different things at different place around town
Here is a little clip of jimmy and i sending