Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dominion River Rock Competition

The walls that i've climbed on this weekend were the craziest thing ever!
They were super different and super awesome!

 Team Five Ten Represent at the comp!

There were are total of 4 rounds: 
- qualifiers (2 routes)
- quarter-final (2 routes)
- semi-final (1 route)
- final (1 route)

Out of the 6 routes that i climbed on i was able to complete 2 of them
And then about finals i was able to send the finals route
I want to say that my favorite problem from the weekend might of been the finals problem.  
It wasn't too pumpy but hard enough to split people up (minus the top three, haha)
The semi-final route was the hardest one for sure.  The dyno move half way through it was scary, yet Sasha was able to figure out a static way of doing it which was super impressive especially since she was on the wall for her whole time! 
I was not a fan of the first quarter-final route because of all the pockets on it due to my finger injuries.  

 Finals round! Can't really see us, but jimmy is climbing on the right and i'm climbing on the left!!

Psyched to come back next year for sure!!
There was also a dyno comp with the qualifiers on thursday and finals sunday.
It was pretty fun but I have to get better at my dyno skills!

Qualifier #2

Overall Results!

Bouldering Female
1. Sasha
2. Alex
3. Angie
4. Me
5. Katie

Dyno Female
1. Alex
2. Angie
3. Me

Bouldering Male
1. Jimmy
2. Alex
3. Vasya
4. Paul
5. Daniel

Dyno Male
1. Jimmy
2. Alex
3. Michael

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two more weeks till the Dominion Comp!

Day 10
I helped my friends Thompsie and Hugh move today
Later in the day Thompsie and I went on a small walk
Tomorrow is going to be a training day!

Day 11
We went to Stone Summit today
Felt a bit better when it came to endurance today
i got in 15 or 16 pitches
but the last pitch, that deep pump came through
and it was hard to finish up the last pitch!
It was a good day!
Tomorrow, no climbing but other exercises!

Day 12
We reset two walls at the gym today
I set a few problems and then climbed some as well
not too hard but got some bouldering in

Day 13
I tried bouldering a bunch today in gym
Warmed up and then started climbing some of the harder boulder problems in the gym
I was able to piece together one of them and sending it
Thought i'd feel weak but I actually felt pretty good
Psyched for a rest day tomorrow though

Day 14
Today was a rest day
But i still went on a 30 minute walk with Oreo around the gym
When I got back I entertained Lily and Violet (5 and 4 years old)
Got them to do some impressive stuff in the gym
Psyched to see those girls climbing in a couple years

Day 15
Went to stone summit today!
Got on ropes and boulders this time...
it's always such a good workout going there!
love it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Metolius Team

I'm proud to announce that I am part of the Metolius Team!
I am very psyched to be part of this team and can't wait to keep on climbing!
They have a lot of amazing things and they have been at the heart of climbing for a while now!
Check them out!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

More training...

Day 6
Woke up weighing: 
Today Jimmy and I went to stone summit to get our rope climbing on
We went there being very ambitious thinking we would do 30 pitches each
Well to our surprise we only managed 1/3 of that
Jimmy climbed 10 pitches (couple of them being harder than what i tried)
And i climbing 11 pitches
That place with wreck you!!
On my last climb, it wasn't only the pump in my forearms that was making it hard to get to the top
but my whole body was just worked!
Psyched though!!
Throughout the day I stretched a good amount as well...
I thought about running when i got home, but i'm soo tired that I decided not to
Went to bed weighing:

Day 7
Today was more of a rest day for me
Even though I still climbed around a little in the gym
I set two problems as well and tried them to make sure they were good
Towards the end of the night I started to climb all the yellows in the gym
But got interrupted by a phone call
I finished off with my small ab workout from earlier in the week
It was a good semi rest day

Day 8
Woke up this morning and the first thing I did was run for 30 minutes
Came to the gym earlier today to set some problems for the climbing team
I set a endurance traverse for them as well
To start off training I warmed up and did some stretching
Afterwards I climbed all the yellows (minus 2 of them due to the crimpyness of them)
I climbed the endurance traverse of 29 moves once
I feel as if I'm still tired from day 6 of training
I hung out and rested up some
Then Jimmy created a small non-climbing related workout for me to do

- pull up pyramid (1 to 10 and down)
- 300 jumping jacks
- 200 dips
- 100 push ups
- my ab workout
- 200 squats
*do this as fast as possible* (was written at the bottom)

That was a hard workout!
I finished up with a good stretching session!

Day 9
Took it easy today
Was sore from yesterday's training
Today was Friday so everyone was at practice,
so I set a few boulder problems for them to try and had them to a workout
which I think i'll try to do soon as well
I climbed a little bit and I did my ab workout