Friday, July 6, 2012

Oreo in Colorado

Of coarse we brought Oreo with us to Colorado
And he's been having a blast!
Here are some pictures showing what he's been up to
Along with a small video clip of him running around with his twin at the dog park

 Oreo hanging out with us under a roof during a heinous hail/thunder storm at Wolvoland

 Oreo's least favorite thing to do... 

 Talus hopping... 

 Oreo chilling under a rock up at Area A at Mt. Evans

 After a long hike to Area B, Oreo is tired!

 Oreo packed into the car while we move to a new locations

 Restday in Estes Park, CO - Oreo jumped into a small water pond

 Chris and Brooks are using Oreo to get some women!

Hanging out at the doggy park in Estes Park, CO

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