Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dominion River Rock Competition

The walls that i've climbed on this weekend were the craziest thing ever!
They were super different and super awesome!

 Team Five Ten Represent at the comp!

There were are total of 4 rounds: 
- qualifiers (2 routes)
- quarter-final (2 routes)
- semi-final (1 route)
- final (1 route)

Out of the 6 routes that i climbed on i was able to complete 2 of them
And then about finals i was able to send the finals route
I want to say that my favorite problem from the weekend might of been the finals problem.  
It wasn't too pumpy but hard enough to split people up (minus the top three, haha)
The semi-final route was the hardest one for sure.  The dyno move half way through it was scary, yet Sasha was able to figure out a static way of doing it which was super impressive especially since she was on the wall for her whole time! 
I was not a fan of the first quarter-final route because of all the pockets on it due to my finger injuries.  

 Finals round! Can't really see us, but jimmy is climbing on the right and i'm climbing on the left!!

Psyched to come back next year for sure!!
There was also a dyno comp with the qualifiers on thursday and finals sunday.
It was pretty fun but I have to get better at my dyno skills!

Qualifier #2

Overall Results!

Bouldering Female
1. Sasha
2. Alex
3. Angie
4. Me
5. Katie

Dyno Female
1. Alex
2. Angie
3. Me

Bouldering Male
1. Jimmy
2. Alex
3. Vasya
4. Paul
5. Daniel

Dyno Male
1. Jimmy
2. Alex
3. Michael

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