Friday, November 23, 2012

Triple Crown Wrap Up

I know its been almost a month since the final triple crown event but i need to make a little update about it!

Hound Ears
Conditions: it was harm and humid and started to mist towards the end of the day
Overall the event went really well! Had a good time and was able to do a couple new climbs!

New Climbs: The unforgiven (V7), Shocker Kahn (V7), Mr. Butterfingers (V7) and King Size Milk Way (V7)

Out of all those new climbs I liked Mr. Butterfingers the most because it required a lot of effort and weird mantle abilities!

1st - Lisa Rands
2nd - Me
3rd - Rachel Edwards

Little Rock City
Conditions: it was harm, but since my skin was in good shape climbs didn't feel to bad for me.  I had a great day, almost my best day ever.  I was unable to complete two climbs that would of made my day amazing! 

New Climbs: Queen Cobra (V8) and Pringle Problem (V8)

1st - Me
2nd - Rachel Edwards
3rd - Lisa Rands

Horse Pens 40
Conditions: It was warm/hot.  My skin was in no shape to climb.  My tips started to sweat after the warm up.  It was a hard day.  Couldn't do half the climbs i usually can do easily.  Oh man it was a hard day! I fought hard all the way to the last minute! 

New Climbs: Hugs and Kisses (V8), Hang Loose (V7), Out of the Box (V6) and Drainpipe (V6)

1st - Me
2nd - Rachel Edwards
3rd - Leanna Lockhart 

Experience: I decided that next year if i do the triple crown events I will do star chaser.  I had gotten too frustrating to not be able to repeat certain climbs that you know you can do.  This way i'll be able to get on a bunch of stuff that i've never been on before.  

Perspective for the future: Goal next year is to get 200 stars at each event! We will see how close i will get to that 200! 

1st - Me
2nd - Rachel Edwards
3rd - Lisa Rands

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Been busy Part 2

Like i mentioned a few months ago!
I've been busy... 
School is coming to an end for this semester
I will have some more free time and i will update my blog with past events from the last few months!
Sometimes you can only juggle so many things at one time!
And updating my blog on a regular basis has not been one of them!
So wish me luck and i will post soon!