Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Red River Gorge Pictures

Solar Collector

Cold weather

Mom resting

Super Pinch @ Solar Collector


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, then the Red

Jimmy and I went to his dad's wednesday to spend sometime with them
we didn't celebrate thanksgiving or anything like that, but we went out to eat at this small but really good hamburger place
we then went back to their house and hung out and talked this and that
later that night we drove to jimmy's mom's house to spend the night
the next morning we had a thanksgiving dinner at noonish
jimmy and i were both in a hurry to hit the road, so we didn't stay long after we ate
jimmy was headed back to chatty to meet up with Brion, Hugh and Jacob to head to Horse Shoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas,
while i was on my way to go to the red in Kentucky, where i met up with my mom

Thursday - i got there around 6:30pm so my mom and i found each other and hung out for the rest of the night

Friday - it was suppose to be a cloudy and wet day, but luckily it didn't rain during the day, but it had rained the night before... the sandstone had dried up by the time we were climbing on it, but it was really cold so it was hard to get motivated to climb, but we did it anyway
We went to the PMRP, where we climbed at the Playground (two routes) and at the Volunter Wall (two routes)
It was cold and I had to take on the first two routes because my fingers froze
We ended the evening off with going to Winchester and watching the new Harry Potter Movie (The Sleepy Hollows Part 1) - i thought it was a good movie, can't wait to see part 2!!

Saturday - it was suppose to be a sunny mid 50s day, but it wasn't! It seemed half the day to be colder than it was on Friday...
We went to Solar Collector and climbed on the first two routes there.
We then drove back to the PMRP, where we first went to the Rival Wall where we got on one of the two long 80 foot 5.10s... it was an awesome route but not for how cold and windy it was...
From there we headed back to the parking lot, and up to the Gallery, were we got on two amazing climbs. The first one was very unique, it had vert jugs to slopy slab moves... a lot of fun... the second route was just as fun with a little bit of exposure but on awesome jugs all the way to the top (my mom sent it, even though it was on a top rope, she did it with no falls for the first time!!)

Sunday - today we headed back to the southern region once again, but this time i got on sometime harder, Golden Boy... i wasn't able to complete the climb this trip, but i gave it three efforts and had fun doing it
I also ran into A LOT of old friends that i hadn't seen in a long time, so it was a great time and i got inspired to give Black Gold a try the next time i'm back at the gorge!

Pictures to come

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I've always been interested in psychology
it's very interesting to me
i was given a link to figure out what my personality is
and here are my results
most of it makes senses to me,
because it is who i am
i love it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cross Fit Workout (twice)

I talked to Rob a little bit the other day, and he's psyched to get me fit enough to take part in the Cross Fit Games - after checking the website out, I must say I'm psyched and I think it will improve my climbing.

Today I met up with Rob in the morning at the Rush where I did a small workout:
12 back squats (w/ a 45 pound bar) - 3 sets
12 shoulder push press (w/ a 45 pound bar)- 3 sets
10 sumo high pulls (w/ a 45 pound bar) - 3 sets

Then did:
15 kettle bell swings (20 pound kettle bell)
10 box jumps
(4 sets; you do the first exercise then the second one and repeat)

I had to work at TBA at 4pm
and Rob came in to help train the team kids around 5pm
all of us went outside and did the following:
We were paired up with another person so while one was doing the running the other was doing the other exercise

Set 1:
run there and back in the parking lot (80 yards maybe) x2
push ups

Set 2:
run there and back in the parking lot x2

Set 3:
run there and back in the parking lot x2

Set 4:
run there and back in the parking lot x2
box jumps

When we were done, we did lunges there and back in the parking lot
My legs are going to be sore tomorrow, I KNOW IT!!

Now I'm going to climb at the gym, since we have 60 new problems,
I'm hoping to do all the reds (recreational), greens (beginner), yellows (intermediate) and then try all the blues (advance)...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ABS Competition

TBA hosted yet another ABS competition
It was a great showing of about 45 competitors and many parents
Jimmy, Voges, Isabelle, Nate, Luis and I set 60 problems for the competition
Theresa helped out with the other aspects of the competition; score cards, waivers, etc.
The TBA Ballers represented with two of our members getting first in their categories: Anna Fox and Max Glascock
The others did well as well... (full results to come on the TBA site)
We raised a good amount of money from our climbing team with our burger and hotdog sales - thanks to those that purchased the food!
Now we have a bunch of new problems for the rest of our customers to try - come on it and get to climbing!
And keep a look out for our next climbing competition on December 8th!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finally Sending...

it's been a long time coming, but i've finally sent a rock climb
i did the "new" mechanic
a big ledge broke off earlier this season
the way i did it originally doesn't make a big difference in the problem,
i think it will be harder for those that used the knee bar for the cross move
unless you have really long legs, the knee bar won't happen
here is a short video of me sending and jimmy getting the FA to another classic

2 from LRC from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cross Fit Training

For the last few weeks i've been doing cross fit training
It's been really hard but really awesome at the same time!
Everytime that I train, the next time i'm really sore!
For example, yesterday we did some cross fit training and we did the following:

  • 40 shoulder presses
  • 75 sit ups
  • 75 push ups
  • 75 air squats

This time around it was not timed, but it was still tiring
When we were done with that Rob told us we were going to do mountain climbers.
I didn't know what those were, none of us really did except Savage, so he demonstrated.
When he showed us we all walked out into the hallway because there was more room out there.
We all got into the position and we did several repatitions.

  • 20 seconds of exercise
  • 10 seconds of rest
I don't remember how many sets we did, but probablly 4 or 5 times.
All i know is if i was going to have to do one more, my legs would of given out!Today, my legs are sore, but it's a good feeling!

Monday, November 8, 2010

HP40 Competition

This past weekend was the HP40 Triple Crown event
This year the temps couldn't of been better!
Even the start of Waterloo was dry!

My friend Angie flew in from Colorado to do the competition,
Also, Isabelle, that's been staying with me did the comp as well!
The event was awesome like always and the people made it even better!

Warming up was a little bit hard at first, but once we got going, nothing could stop us
On second thought, all the sandstone boulders could stop us!!
but it was up to us to try and send those glorious boulders that have defeated us once before!
There were some that day, that shut us down... others went without a fight...
And for some, we had to come back later in the day to complete!
But when I heard that we had 30 mins left and I had three more problems to go, that's when it was game time!
Running around the boulder field frantically trying to find something to fill up my score card with was an awesome experience! (happens every year, but somehow I don't figure out a way of fixing it!!)
It's in those last 30 minutes when you show what you are made of!! Some send hard while others try to find the easy repeat that will fill up slot #10

First Ave Rocks (Adam's gym) was selling Chilly and beer... it was a good mixture
but the best was hearing stories from different friends that you haven't seen in a while
Laughing about random things that have happened in the past
The best is the back massage from the Prana booth, and you hear you're friend saying "oh man, Kasia's getting a back massage"

It's a great event every year, with a few upsets but a lot of great memories!!
Many of the competitors blog about their experiences (Brad, Angie, Brion, and for results)
And we all came to the same conclusion:
The season has come to the south! We are ready to crush!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vote for the SCC

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition is a candidate to win a $250,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Project. All we need to do is vote EVERYDAY!

There are two ways of voting
online or via text message!

TEXT: 104071 to Pepsi (73774)