Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Break

I've had a pretty awesome winter break so far
To start off winter break I headed up to Michigan with the climbing team
They had regionals up there
Overall it was a great competition
4 of them (Andres, Chris, Anna and Evan) are going to divisionals in north carolina

Following that i went to Hueco Tanks for a 10 day trip
I was super psyched but did not have any expectations
And because of that i had the best trip ever
I climbed my first V11 and finished off several old projects
At the same time I left behind several more projects to come back to

We came back to Chattanooga for the holidays
My dad came up to visit
It was a fun time

I've been climbing almost everyday since the holidays
Trying different things at different place around town
Here is a little clip of jimmy and i sending

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