Wednesday, February 15, 2012

White Face

I have been trying several climbs out at LRC recently!
I've been trying Interplanatary Escape, where i have come up with short person beta!
I have also been trying Donkey Doobie. I think it is almost time to qualify this climb as an epic. I have been able to get through the crux but yet somehow mess up my beta and fall... Soon though... it will go!

Photo thanks to Lydia - Donkey Doobie

My other project was White Face. It was one of those climbs that when you see for the first time you don't think you will ever climb it. It is my complete anti style so i was always scared to try it. I tried it about 3 days. The last day it finally went and i have to give thanks to the people that let me borrow their pads. I think there were 8 pads being used, making the landing PERFECT!! Here are some pictures that Mike took of me on the send go!

So psyched to have completed this one! Looking forward to some more cold days and great temps!

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  1. pretty sure that Dunky Doobie Dookie Deron is the problem's OG name