Sunday, September 30, 2012

Been Busy

I've been very busy ever since i got back from Colorado
School started
And i've been trying to concentrate on getting stronger
I worked for a while
But then i got sick and have been sick for the last three weeks

I went to the Seattle Pro UBC competition last weekend
It was awesome!
I was really happy with my performance after qualifiers because i had flashed all the boulders
I have never done that before!
Unfortunately i did not have the power, energy or what have you in semi finals
because i got 7th and they took top 6 to finals
luckily i was at the right place at the right time
and got to forerun the finals problems for the girls
It was a great event
There were a few discrepancies, but overall went really well

TBA just hosted a local ABS competition and it was a lot of work
But the end result was more than we expected!
Super psyched to train on these problems!

It's the fall and every fall for the last six or seven years it's been the same thing
The first one at Hound Ears is this weekend 10/6/12
The second one at LRC is the weekend of 10/13/12
And the last one at HP40 is the weekend of 11/3/12

I have fall break and one of my best friend's wedding in between the last two triple crowns so i'll be spending a good amount of time at and near the red... Psyched to get some rope climbing in and maybe get my head back in the game... It's been really hard and I still have not over come my "fear"
I still don't really know what the "fear" is!

It's going to be a busy fall and i'm really psyched for it...
It will be going by fast but hopefully i'll have some time to post more often!

2012 SBC PRO HIGHLIGHTS from UBC Pro Tour on Vimeo.

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