Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adrenaline Comp

Yesterday I attended the Adrenaline Comp
Holly, Isabelle and I left Chatty around 4
We thought it was an hour and half drive, it wasn't
We were about 30 mins late

Right when we got there I found out that they sell ALE 8 ONE there!
That got be psyched right away
I bought one!
I was going to buy a six pack to take home with me, but unfortunetly they ran out!

They had a lot of sponsors which definetly helps the competition
It's awesome to see sponsors still helping out gyms!

Climbed for a good while
There was a finals round, it was the first time that they did this!
In the end it worked out well

Here are the results from the event!
Next time you should come!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon

Today was an interesting - strange - crazy day

This morning Holly came by to pick me up so that we could go to LRC
We stopped by the post office because I had to mail some posters out for our ABS comp at TBA
When I got back there was an old lady in a wheel chair, crying...
she said she was stranded and needed $1.55
Holly found some change and so did I and we gave her the money
Holly offered her a ride somewhere but she said she was fine...
still wondering what she needed and how she got stranded in downtown Chattanooga in a wheel chair

From there we met Brooke at Greenlife and headed on to LRC
Nothing weird happened up there
Just had a chill day climbing...
We started in the front area got on the eliminator, i think i can...
then we headed to the cleo cindy bouldering
We then climbed a few V0s down from the cleo cindy boulder

We continued to have a discussion on how to ship Holly in a package to Hueco or Boone. We came up with the following idea:

  • We would pad a kennel with pillows that she would fit in
  • She would have a diaper in case she had to go to the bathroom
  • There would be air holes that she would be able to open whenever she needed fresh air
  • Have food and water
  • And the whole thing would be in a cardboard box

This conversation got started because i got off the phone with my dad and he said that he's sending be a package that weighs 96lbs - crazy!! and it cost him about $90 to ship, so we figured that shipping Holly would cost about $100 which is cheaper than a flight to Hueco

Holly was suppose to go to the SCC meeting but didn't realize how far the Canyon was from Chattanooga, so she ended up not going because of all the driving that was involved... I think the meeting ended up ending at eleven... She was suppose to drive out their with Lu and Theresa

We drove back to Greenlife because that is where Brooke's car was. We saw Lu's truck in the parking lot and it was 6:30pm and Holly was suppose to meet Lu and Theresa at their place at 6pm... it was kinda weird...

We then saw Theresa inside greenlife getting some dinner for herself and Lu, and when we got out of greenlife we saw Lu pull into the parking lot with Tyler and Gary....

Oh, also, when we drove into the Greenlife parking lot I recognized a friend and he had a German Shepard with him, and for some reason i freaked out and wanted to see the dog right away... while Holly was still driving I attempted to open the door.. Holly said she felt like she had a 5 year old in the car!

When we left Greenlife we drove over to Standard Ink, on the drive over there we saw the biggest full moon... it was very pretty... at Standard Ink i decided to get my nose pierced again...

From there we headed on over to Boulderwave, at UrbanRocks. There was a speed climbing comp and a dyno comp. Chris Szierzant and I here the top two times, so we asked Chaz if we could fast each other... So we did... we ended up improving our times to 11 and 12 seconds... ultimately Chris one, because we did best out of three... It was a good time!

The dyno comp was alright. Wasn't too hard. But we had an injury. Isabelle dyno'ed and when she dropped down, she landed weird on her foot... It swelled up and she said she heard a pop... We carried her out to the lobby, where we iced her foot. From there we got her into Holly's car and i got into mine and we drove to Erlanger. On the way to Erlanger, I ended up running over an opossum. Which right after I get a call from Isabelle asking if i saw it. I felt awful!! He was on his back kicking and stuff... awful!!

We finally get to the hospital, where on her hospital form, where it asks what happened Isabelle wrote "fucked up ankle". When I turned it in to the main desk, the nurse said "This is inappropriate" which I answered, with a smile "I'll have her change it you want." But we never did.

We have trouble getting Isabelle's insurance information and her social security number because her mom was on a flight to Arizona!! Luckily we got a hold of her sister and she was able to help out!

We ended up hanging out at the ER (waiting room area) for about two and half hours... we started to get hungry, so we tried calling a bunch of pizza places but they were all closed, go figure! It was 1 o'clock in the morning! So we are sitting there hungry, when a guy from Papa John's comes in. Holly raced over to him, and asked if they are still open. The guy tells her he has an extra pizza (large pepperoni) for $7... so we buy it!! And we had our food for the night!

Also, we were sitting right across from a lady that was in a red sweat suit. It looked like she pee'd herself. She also had an amazing looking engagement ring on her hand. Huge diamond. Real or fake... i dont know, but it was interesting to see that on her hand. The funniest thing was that she was asleep and every so often she started LAUGHING in her sleep, like giggling! It was soo funny! I wish i had taken a picture of her!!

Shortly after that, they called Isabelle to the back. She gets x-rayed and we then have to wait for the results of the x-rays. In the mean time a trauma patient comes in and they kick Holly and I into a waiting room. Where, i think we both fell asleep for 15 or 20 minutes. They finally call us back in. Isabelle gets release and we head home!

Man, there was a full moon out last night!