Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dark Horse Competition

I flew to Boston for the Dark Horse Competition!
I stayed with Shane along with Alex D Johnson

There was a qualifying round from which they took the top 6 finishers
I luckily placed 6th, and made it into finals.
There were 8 guys and girls in the finals round because the winners of the two previous competition got a buy into the final competition.

There were four problems in the finals round
Problem #1: Was one of the closest problems i had ever done in a competition. The fact that you had to drop down onto a feature and be hands free and continue the problem was AMAZING!
Problem #2: It was awesome due to the two mini mantles in it. The finishing hold was very bad, and made it very improbable to just jump to the hold.
Problem #3: It was the most straight forward problem i think. It had awesome movement and flowed really well. The last moves were very big reaches for myself, but i liked it because it tested my ability.
Problem #4: It had about 14 moves on it. And after trying it 3 or 4 times, i was pumped. It was hard to get over the pump.

This competition was 2 weeks before ABS Nationals, and I think it was a great experience to prep for the event. All i know is that i need to work on my endurance a little more, there is not much more i can improve in 2 weeks... haha

So i will be running everyday... doing endurance training at the gym and healing up my finger so that it doesn't hurt as much during Nationals...

Below is a video of the event!

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