Thursday, February 14, 2013

Recent events

My friend Meagan Martin came to visit me from Orlando. She was super psyched to climb outside since she doesn't have access to real rock in Florida.
It was great to have a girl visit and being close friend made her stay even better!
We went to all the classic areas as well as some others... Here is our tick list for the areas!

Little Rock City

Instinct Sit - Meagan
Cleo and Cindy Trav - Meagan
Instinct - Meagan
Castaway - Meagan

Dayton Pocket
Hippy Culture - Meagan and I
Sand blaster - me
Honey comb - Meagan

Orb direct - me
Tractor trailer - me
Vagina - Meagan

Paul Bunyan trav - Meagan
Nine lives - Meagan

After she left there were a few good climbing days on which I went back and did...
- Paul Bunyan Trav
- Hand on the Axe Stand
- Tennessee Thong
- Anearden low

Besides climbing we did a bunch of other things...

 Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Did I mention it snowed?

Chocolate Croissants

Meagan on Nine Lives


 Eclairs for the Super Bowl Party!

 Oreo all dressed up

Our piercings...

I'm not trying to spread a rumor, but I overheard that Meagan might be moving to Chattanooga sometime later on this year...

Can't wait!
In the mean time hopefully this video keeps you guys psyched and anticipating what is to come...

Meagan in Chatty from Kasia Pietras on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boston Trip - Dark Horse

I spent some time in Boston over my winter break.
It was a great time! I was able to climb outside at three new areas.
I was only sent on thing, but was able to witness jimmy flash a v13, v12 and a v11!!
It was super inspiring!
Here's a video of our trip!

A Northeastern Experience from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

We were in Boston for the Dark horse comp!
It went well... Jimmy ended up in 1st and I got 3rd!
Here's a small video of the comp...
Dark Horse 2013 Series 4 Round 3 Highlights from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.
We traveled back to Boston in January to compete at the last Dark Horse Event...
This time around it didn't go as well... I got a food bug during lunch before finals and just didn't feel like myself...
Here's a video of that event...
Dark Horse 2013 Series 4 Championship Highlights from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.
I'm back in chatty now, waiting for my friend Meagan to come visit me... Still going to school but graduating this may! Besides that everything is the same!