Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Around Chicago...

I found some old pictures that i took
And i found them really cool
Here they are...
Big theater...

Fire works

Found a flower...

Random buildings....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Da Red

just got back from the red
it was a fun three day trip with Paul and Jacob

Down from the Bull Dog

day 1 - Roadside
i haven't been back to roadside in a very long time
being back there reminded me how many great climbs there are
i realized that i've forgotten to just have fun on easy climbs
to stop concentrating only on hard ones
everything was a repeat for me...
but it was still awesome!!
we warmed up on dragon slayer
got paul and jacob on wild gift!
they both enjoyed it
put up the draws on return of chris snyder
paul was the only one i convinced to go up it
walked back to ro shampo...
- jacob got it second go

Working on the best climb at the red - Cut Throat

day 2 - motherlode
warmed up on the classic Trad Sucker
- jacob flashed it
- paul got it second go
then we walked over to Chainsaw
- paul took a 30 to 40 foot fall
i tried the best climb at the red Cut Throat
- tried it twice
- felt strong on the bouldery part...
even though i didn't link it from the ground...
but did it crux second go...
- second try i got stung by a wasp at the top,
my finger swelled up...
it looked weird...
it went away after about 2 hours
walked back over to stain and buff the wood
- paul and jacob tried buff the wood...
they'll get it next time just got to work on endurance

The Motherlode

day 3 - drive-by
pretty tired
jacob was psyched but paul and i were just tired
paul and jacob warmed up on whip stocking
then they tried Maizy Mae
- they did really well on it
jacob them continued to get on Primus Noctum
- he tried it twice...
fell once on his second attempt
i climbed up Whip Stocking and down climbed it to clean it...
over all it was a good trip
on our way to drive by we stopped at bulldog...
- paul tried it the most...
did pretty well on it!

Jacob on Ro Shampo

Paul looking at the camera...

Getting ready...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


took some pictures of the ferrets and jon's cat!!
check it out

The old guy...

Tater and Gravy eating and drinking from the cat's bowls

Diego inside the ferrets cage

Getting out of there, after eating their food

Tater and Biscuit sleeping/waking up

Tater sticking his tongue out while sleeping

Diego chilling out on the couch!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Foster's (no pics)

headed out to foster's today
driving up there was a fog above the whole area
guess what?!?
it was humid
every route we got on, started sweating like crazy!!
it was epic
did not really send anything
ran into a bunch of ppl
chaz sent one of his long standing projects...
overall it was a good day!

ALSO tonight the lakers won in Game 5 by 13 points!! DAMN!
nice job lakers!! they are an overall great team... kobe knows how to use every player...
phil jackson is an awesome coach and lets them play the game... doesn't push them, lets them have fun!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Climbing the other day...

went climbing with Jimmy and Lu to a new area (when i say new its new to jimmy and i)
amazing quality
amazing routes
sometime that is actually LONG!
here are some picture from the other day!

Lu climbing an unknown 12d

Jimmy belaying

An overview of the area

Tree truck

A doggy

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Layin around the place...

Got back from the Gunksand still haven't been able to sleep inevery morning there has been something to domost to go climbing...
but... it would be nice to sleep in...
today was the trail day at sunset...
jimmy and i helped out for about 2 hours and then headed to the gym to work...
we took down the traverse wall and set about 10 problems...
here are some pictures from a couple nights ago...
just hanging out and laying around the place...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Climbing Areas...

i stole this idea from Courtney Sanders there are several places where I'd like to go climbing and there are several places where I'd like to return...


Smith Rocks, OR

Squamish, BC

Rumney, NH

The Gunks, NY

Fountainbleau, France

Bishop, CA


Yosemite, CA

Majorca, Spain

Magic Wood, Switzerland

Rocklands, South Africa