Monday, December 5, 2011

Rocktown and LRC

this past weekend was awesome!
one of the best climbing weekends in a while!!

my friends Rachel and Eddie came into town and we went to Rocktown on saturday!
the weather was amazing
it was their first time there so we ended up sticking to the front area (the orb to big bad boulder)

we started off at the orb and it was just a little too hot to complete that one
we then continued to the vagina which has been a long time project for me
i have been trying that thing for probably about six years now!
Eddie almost flashed it and quickly sent it two tries later
i didn't want to try it yet so i attempted digital scales instead
after figuring out that it is a very HARD problem
i decided to give the vagina a try
i ended up sending within a few tries
i felt a weight lifted off my shoulders!! i was so psyched!

we continued over to burst of joy
which both eddie and i dispatched within a few tries

from there we headed over to the big bad boulders
eddie managed to flash big bad and big bad right
he had a little bit of trouble on little bad though, haha
i figured out short person beta for big bad and was able to climb the boulder!!

oh man it was an awesome day!!

the weekend was not over yet
we headed to cumberland on sunday but the parking lot was full so we ended up at LRC
being the 90 - 95 people there for the day so far

we headed to the back by the shield and warmed up on the jug wall
after warming up we decided to get on kneed it
jimmy sent it
and i attempted it and flashed it!
i can't remember if i've ever truly attempted the boulder or not
either way i did it first try that day
so psyched
rami and eddie did it as well

jimmy, rami and eddie headed to heroin, junkie and white trash
while i attempted dunky doobie with a few cats from atlanta
i figured out all the moves and started to try it from the start
i was not able to send it, but i am psyched to get back on it soon
but probably not until after hueco

i got finals this week and i will be going to michigan this weekend with the TBA climbing team
because they have regionals up there! should be a blast!