Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two more weeks till the Dominion Comp!

Day 10
I helped my friends Thompsie and Hugh move today
Later in the day Thompsie and I went on a small walk
Tomorrow is going to be a training day!

Day 11
We went to Stone Summit today
Felt a bit better when it came to endurance today
i got in 15 or 16 pitches
but the last pitch, that deep pump came through
and it was hard to finish up the last pitch!
It was a good day!
Tomorrow, no climbing but other exercises!

Day 12
We reset two walls at the gym today
I set a few problems and then climbed some as well
not too hard but got some bouldering in

Day 13
I tried bouldering a bunch today in gym
Warmed up and then started climbing some of the harder boulder problems in the gym
I was able to piece together one of them and sending it
Thought i'd feel weak but I actually felt pretty good
Psyched for a rest day tomorrow though

Day 14
Today was a rest day
But i still went on a 30 minute walk with Oreo around the gym
When I got back I entertained Lily and Violet (5 and 4 years old)
Got them to do some impressive stuff in the gym
Psyched to see those girls climbing in a couple years

Day 15
Went to stone summit today!
Got on ropes and boulders this time...
it's always such a good workout going there!
love it!

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