Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 1 of summer training

Day 2
Didn't do much today besides ran for 30mins
need to get into a better circuit of abs and other workouts
Was in the gym and didn't even climb
gotta get psyched again

Day 3
Went climbing outside on rope
Got on my project, and while hanging draws i fell in the same spot i was falling at a few days ago
Sent it second try today
Then got on a 13c/13d
got shut down! such a hard boulder problem off the deck!

Day 4
Went climbing outside on rope again
Same area but this time we brought Oreo out with us so we had to take the long way in
It is probably about 3 miles in, making it about a 6 mile hike in total
I got on 4 routes, 3 of which I flashed and the other I onsighted
When we got back home I ran for 30 minutes
And did a very small ab workout of 25 crunches and 25 toe touches
Did a good amount of stretching as well
Went to bed weighing: 146.5 lbs

Day 5
Woke up weighing: 144.2 lbs
Went to the climbing gym today to work
During some free time I did a small ab workout

Small AB Workout (30 reps of each exercise, back to back, no rest inbetween exercises)
- butt raises with legs out (it's hard to put a name on this one)
- toe touchers
- side to side (AKA sidewalk slams)
- crunches
- tuck ups

When I got home I did the small ab workout again
Even though it's so small it hurts after completing it!
I did a 30 minute run, followed by a 10 minute stretching session
By stretching so much I feel as if I'm getting more flexible
Went to bed weighing: 146.4 lbs

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