Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2004 Youth Nationals

I put together a video of me competing back in 2004...
My dad gave me a lot of old footage from the past few years...
I finally decided to do something with it!
Nationals was held in Sacramento, CA
It was the first year that i got first place in difficulty
I climbed amazing! So psyched!!

check it out

it's a long video

2004 Youth Nationals from Kasia Pietras on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cat... Dog... and Dad's Room

Here are some pictures of my dog and my cat!!


so i've been in chicago for the last couple of days chillin with my dad...
i've taken some pictures of my dad's little apartment (basement of a house) that he lives in...
my dad chillin in his bed...

The kitchen... the way to my dad's room...

The way to the entrance...

My dad's room

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More pics...

Here are some pictures from the so ill trip that we went on about two weeks ago... the crew consisted of me, jimmy, carl, nathan, scott, brion, nate and jon...

Some problem at the roost

World's biggest sloper

Rain forest

Here are some more pictures from the more recent trip to bishop...

Nate sending "Jedi Mind Tricks"

Jimmy's flash attempt on "Acid Wash"

Tommy on "Seven Spanish Angels"

Feeling the holds out

Still in Chi-town...

Last night i went to my climbing gym! it was awesome to see everyone and take part in practice... i got really pumped... we did endurance training...

Besides that i've been helping my dad out by signing him up for online bill paying... he has so many bills to pay its crazy!! it's taken me a while to do that...

Later today i think we are going grocery shopping... and we might be washing my dog...

Other than that... here are some more pictures from Bishop! Enjoy!!

Tommy on "Jedi Mind Tricks"

Jimmy sending "Strength in Numbers"

Jon flashing "Acid Wash"

Jimmy warming up at Dale's Camp

Checking out beta

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chillin in Chicago

i just got back from spring break in bishop

instead of going back to chatty i came to Chicago to help my dad out
he recently had a heart bypass surgery
the trip to bishop was amazing!

Jimmy and i left from chatty to Nashville on Thursday... about an hour into the drive we realized that we were almost in Fort Payne... jimmy pulled a u-turn on the interstate and drove 100 mph to the airport in Nashville... we barely made our flight!

when we got to the airport in Vegas Jon and Nate were already waiting for us... we had to wait about an hour for Tommy to get in...

We got a rental car and drove 5 hours to bishop... the last hour of the drive was awful due to crazy turns in the road... Nate puked a few times...

We spent most of our time climbing at the Buttermilks but we also climbed at the Happy's and Sad's...

There were many sends during the trip
my personal opinion on some proud and inspiring sends were...
Jimmy flashing "Haroun and the Sea of Stories" (super inspiring, he said that his fingers here frozen and numb when he finished it)
Tommy doing "Strength in Numbers" (he had tried it for two days and did it first go the third time he did it)
Jon doing "Stained Glass" (he fell on the last move three or four times before he sent it)
Nate doing "Checkerboard" (even though i actually didn't see him do it, he fell on the last move twice, and took a good minute to figure everything out)
All of them also did "Highbrow" which was the most bad ass looking line I've seen... really proud sends from everyone... i wish i could have done that one...

My personal favorite sends was "Finder's Fee" (i had tried it last time i was in bishop, two winters ago, i was scared on the top out but Jimmy's motivating words of "just do it" and "don't fall" and "you can do it" got be up to the top, thanks for the spot Tommy)
Also "Strength in Numbers" was a little epic of mine as well... i was freaking out at the top... I'm sorry for my spotters... i probably freaked them out a bit... but man was a i psyched on that one... last send of the trip as well!

Jimbo chillin

Tommy on Mesothelioma

Last day view

Warming up at Dale's Camp