Monday, December 6, 2010

Triple Crown

The weather was not as good as it could have been
Within the first 30 minutes of the comp I was close to giving up
I feel off my warm up!
I went over to the Wave and watched a few people try it
I went ahead and chalked up the top out after trying it one time and falling
After that, I got psyched and attempted the Mechanic
I sent it first go which got me back on track and motivated to keep going despite the rain

The main thing that I had to do for most of the problems was get to the top and chalk it up so that the top out was safe - i think it was something that many climbers forgot about but luckily no serious injuries occurred

From what i heard, a hold towards the top of Spanky broke making the top a bit simpler than before, luckily the one that broke it didn't get injured - but i think he might of injured someone that was spotting him (don't quote me, it's just what i heard)

I had one more problem to do when a judge walked by and said that they were ending the competition earlier due to the unsafe conditions that the rain has produced - i quickly wrapped up my score card and went to turn it in

We drove back down in the buses to Urban Rocks where the awards we going to be held. A group of us went to the Terminal to eat dinner and then we headed back to the gym for awards. Before awards they did a crash pad stacking contest and the a speed climbing competition - which i competed in.

I LOVE SPEED CLIMBING - so much fun!

Awards started closely after.

We all need to thank the guys that put this event together. They bring so many climbers together, which makes the events so much fun. You see many old friends and make new ones. They always raise money for the SCC and help us preserve southern climbing destinations.


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  1. Way to rage on the speed wall! good to see you up your previous time by a whole second!