Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This weeks cross fit workout...

We did something a little bit different...
We split the thrusters up,
we paired up with someone that can use the same weights as us,
we would first do
12 shoulder push presses
then we would switch and the partner would do the same thing
then we would do
12 weighted squats
the partner would do the same thing
this was counted as one set
we did four sets

to finish up we did pulls up to death
you do:
1 pull up for the 1st min
2 pull ups for the 2nd min
3 pull ups for the 3rd min
and so on, until you can't do anymore pull ups

we are doing 75 Angies
those are:
75 pull ups
75 push ups
75 sit ups
75 air squats

you time it so see how fast you can complete all of those
you have to finish the pull ups before you do the push up and so on... till you are done!
i'll be soo sore tomorrow!

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