Monday, December 20, 2010

Grandpas house

I went to my grandpas today. I hung out there for the whole day. I also asked him a few questions about my family tree, since my grandma didn't know the answer to all my questions. He helped me fill in some few empty spots but I still have a few left.


My grandpa has a lot of sport channels, so we were watching the Winter Games. There was a polish ski jumper that got third place, Adam Malysz. There were two more polish guys that made it in the top 10. We also watched the cross country skiinga nd swimming. A new american swimmer won two gold metals while I was watching, but has won many more at the event.

My grandpa and his wife

And then we ate some more. And they kept handing me food, almost every 5 minutes I was asked if I wanted food. It was hard to keep saying no, finally I just said that I can't eat that much because I'm trying to stay in shape for a future climbing competition, which is true.

My grandpa and I

My grandpa was interested in climbing and how the competitions work. He, like everyone, asked if it was based on how fast you climb up the wall. I told him that there was a speed climbing event, but that there was also sport climbing and bouldering. I started to explain it all but he just wasn't understanding it.

Zuzia, my grandpa's dog

He gave me a scenario, what if three people all get to the top of all the climbs in the competition. How do you figure out who wins. So I said that it barely ever happens that two people climb all the climbs, but if they do I think that there is a super final. He didn't like that answer, and we talked and argued about it for about an hour. EPIC!

I have decided that when I get older, about 65 or so, I will travel. I will either buy a caravan and travel around the US, and hit up all the national parks, all the national land marks, everything or move to Europe and just travel around to all the famous places and tourist sports in Europe. Better yet, I'll do both. I got start saving up for this now!

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  1. These are great! Keep posting more pics!