Friday, December 17, 2010

First days in Poland

not much has changed here in poland
everything looks the same and feels the same
there are a few more building up
a new car wash built by my grandma's place

it is pretty cold out through
this morning it was -10C so about 14F
the wind was blowing a little making it a bit colder
but we still headed into town
my grandma loves to buy me stuff so i let her
she got be an awesome warm black jacket

i'm still a little bit jet legged
so i'll probablly be going to bed early today as well
i forgot to take my camera with me today
but i'll take it with tomorrow and take some pics to put on here
i haven't been able to figure out the wireless here yet,
i don't think my grandma has it,
so maybe i'll ask the neighbors and see if i could get their password

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