Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More about Poland

Monday morning we woke up at 6am and got ready to go to the health club. my grandma has been going at least two to three times a week. So, to not break her routine I went with her. Besides the fact that I need to get a good ass kicking.

Rob had given be a workout to do, but I couldn't do it because my knee was really hurting while doing squats. I decided to instead do some other things:
  • On the oliptical machine I ran 5km in just under 11 minutes
  • Did a workout set about 3 or 4 times where I did the following
  1. 10 pull ups
  2. 15 leg lifts
  3. 10 push ups
  4. 15 backward sit ups
  • I did a bunch of abs on different machines
  • I jumped roped for about 5 to 10 minutes
  • I finished up with a pull up pyramid starting at 1 going to 10 and back down to 1
Man I feel wrecked. I also stretched out some and will do more stretching throughout the day.

My grandma and I

My grandma and I went shopping yet again, at another mall. We didn't get much. But we did a lot of walking and once we left the mall we did some sight seeing. Saw some old buildings and a few churches, all really pretty. Also saw the hospital where my mom was born. And we passed by the zoo. We headed back home after that and made some food.

Sw. Floriana Church

Czterech Spiacych Trzech Walczacych (4 asleep 3 fighting)

Old buildings

Cerkiew Prawoslawna

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