Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Red; great weekend!

This weekend was successful!
i'd say so at least...

Packing up the car!

Day 1 (Friday; Roadside)

Ashley and I got to the Roadside parking lot at 6:30pm

We went up to roadside where we were so psyched to be climbing on some red river gorge sandstone...

Both of us hadn't been back to the red in over a year...

I did 5 pitches

- Dragonslayer
- Crazyfingers
-Pulling Pockets
-Stay the Hand (2 times; second time pulled up to the second bolt and speed climbed to the top because it was getting dark and i had to clean it)

Ashley did 3 pitches

-Pulling Pockets

Day 2 (Saturday; Motherlode)
i was really psyched to go to the lode because one of my long lasting projects is there... it is also one of my favorite routes ever... Cut Throat
The Madness Cave

I did 8 pitches of climbing at the lode that day

- Chainsaw (warm up)
-Skin Boat (i wanted to see how i'd do, i think i fell/took 2 or 3 times
- Convicted (also seeing how well i'd do with my lacking endurance and really surprised myself my getting two bolts from the top)
-Ale-8 (i had to take at the top, i got so pumped)
- Cut Throat (two times)
1st try; went bolt to bolt to remember my beta
2nd try; i fell at the second part of the crux (going from 3rd to 4th) but hung there for a minute and went to the anchors... so psyched to get back on it next weekend
-Injured Reserve
- Trust in Jesus

Me on Cut Throat

Ashley did 6 pitches
-Chainsaw (warm up)
-Ale-8 (3 times trying to figure out the best beta)
- 8 ball (she told me that tim told her to try it, so i got her to try it; she got a few bolts up but wasn't really psyched on it)
-Injured Reserve

Oreo wet and tired from playing in the water hole at the bottom on the madness cave with Miso

Day 3 (Sunday; Solar Collector)
We left miguel's with a lot of enthusiasm on having a very full and productive day at both darkside and solar collector...
We were suppose to go to darkside and do 2 or 3 pitches there, and finish off the day at solar collector and be at the car by 5pm;
Instead our day went something like this:
Me eating my pretzels

On our hike to the darkside, we decided that we were really tired and didn't want to do a "two crags in a day"
Since solar was the closest one we ended up there
We did Super Pitch as a warm up/realizing how tired we really were

Ashley climbing around at Solar

We then sun bathed for about an hour...
I rounded up enough energy to do Mona Lisa Overdrive
After that we called it a day and headed back to Miguel's where we had to pack up the tent...
This gave us time to hang out some more and allowed me to eat some more Miguel's pizza...
We left Miguel's to head back to Chatty Around 4:30pm

Ashley hanging out at Solar Collector

Oreo had a BLAST!
He go to run around everyday...
He also met himself a nice friend named Miso (Ana's dog)
He was really tired at solar collector as well...

Oreo found himself a head rest

Oreo leaning against a rock

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