Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Rock City

I headed up to LRC right after class to meet up with Greg Ward
He has been going up there frequently over the summer doing an easy circuit
i wasn't in the mood to do a full circuit because i had to be at TBA by 3pm
We warmed up and headed over to Six Feet Under

To warm up we did the easy stuff in the front area; and then continued over to The Wave where i saw that The Mechanic broke... The huge jug ledge was laying on the ground... So we tried that a little bit and figured out some differnt beta... It's not much harder at all...

Here is a video of Me doing The Mechanic from a while back... The hold that now is gone is the first hold you go to from the start... The one you knee bar off of...

Here is a video of Voges doing Six Feet Under

The Beta - Six Feet Under from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

Since my knee is still messed up i was unable to do any left heel hooks
And after seeing Greg try it, i just gave up hope...
But since i was there i figured i might as well try some other beta and that's when i figured it out!
So for the first big move i did a swinging pendulum move w/ my right hand and matched the hold...
Then to get out to the lip i ended up getting this sweet left toe hook... and coming out around the bulge w/ my right hand...
So psyched!
I'm feeling really strong! I'm thinking of heading out there sometime soon to get on Bedwetters

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