Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rest day... very needed

Yesterday at the gym i climbed a little bit,
training some for my trip this weekend to the red
i stop training when i felt something weird in my hand/arm
it was my tendon
it felt strained
so i rested the rest of the day and took today OFF
did nothing!! just rest... some homework...

later i read up on tendon issues and stumbled over the following;

"The treatment is the same for flexor tendinitis as extensor tendinitis, and only rarely does it require surgical treatment. The appropriate treatment of rest, immobilization and anti-inflammatory medications will usually lead to resolution within three weeks.
Inflammation of a tendon and its sheath responds well to rest via activity modification. The offending activities must be avoided at least until the symptoms abate. If the symptoms are severe enough, complete immobilization in a cast or splint may be necessary, although rarely for more than three weeks. In certain cases, carefully placed steroid injections may be very helpful.

There is no way i'm going to be resting for three weeks... That's a little bit too much
especially since i already had to take 3 months off cause of my knee earlier this season...

I'm going to play it slow, and see what happens...
I'll take it easy
probablly tape up
hopefully it was a minor strain that healed up in my day and a half of rest...

1 comment:

  1. tape it up for sure... every time you climb. I had tendonitus at one point in my climbing career and had to take a month off - no good. Taping really makes a difference though - tape for longer than you think it will heal.

    Oh, and eat lots of fresh pineapple for the swelling and inflammation - it helped me A LOT!!!! That is one of the many benefits of pineapple!!!!