Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Red River Gorge

this weekend ashley and i are going to the red
after my epic pump fest yesterday, i'm not expecting to send much when i get out to the red, but at the same time you never know
i do have a few projects at the red that i want to get...
luckily i will be heading to the red memorial day weekend as well, so hopefully i'll build up endurance this weekend to send the projects next weekend...

the projects are:
1) cut throat
2) elephant man
3) golden boy
4) paradise lost

my favorite climb at the red is cut throat so i am really psyched to get back on it!

ashley and i will be brining our cameras with us this time, so we will have pictures when we get back... so psyched!

it will be oreo's first trip to the red as well!

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