Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lilly Boulders and OBED

I headed up to the Obed this weekend to meet up with a bunch of "old schoolers"
I drove out there with Aj Friday morning
We got to Lilly boulders where we warmed up on Buddha Belly (still can't do it, haha)
From there we went to Mojo
something I wanted to finish up
I tried the crux move and it felt easy
So i gave it a try from the bottom and fell on the crux move
After a few more tries I sent it!
I was soo psyched
Aj kept trying it, sticking the crux move once...
After he got really tired, we did this fun V4 (Hooker) that started on the same start as Mojo, but went out the edge...
From there we ran into Kelly Brown (the guy that is making the Obed guide book)
He let me know that it will be out for sale in about a month
so psyched to get a copy of it
Aj did Slam Dunk
Everything else was wet, so we went back to camp where we waiting for the others to get here

The next two days were spend rope climbing
I don't have any endurance
Trying to built it up, but still psyched on bouldering...
we'll see what happens

I ended up doing this really fun climb that went through a roof called Mad Cow
Really fun and big moves
Got it second go, really psyched!
Overall it was a great weekend with great friends!

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