Monday, March 14, 2011

Dayton today...

it was a good session out at Dayton
Jordan and I went out there with our dogs

We started off at the roof
Where we warmed up and started giving Honey Comb some tries
I had never REALLY tried this climb
maybe a few moves here and there
Today i tried all of it and did all the moves
now i need to link it
On the other hand, Jordan had tried it before just a few days ago
having done all the moves he was trying it from the bottom every time

On one attempt, I was filming, he got through the whole problem, to the start of Reconciliation at which point he didn't have any pads under him, so i stopped filming to move the pads... and then, tragedy struck... he fell on the VERY LAST MOVE!
next time... it'll go

We headed to Riverdance from there. Jordan hadn't done it yet and i was going to try the right sit to it. It ends up I wasn't able to repeat Riverdance, so i just kept trying to repeat it instead. Jordan came pretty close, did all the moves just having to link it now.

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