Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Headed out to LRC today...
It was a really nice day out
Cloudy, windy... perfect temps!

We warmed up in the front,
Tried the mechanic a bit

from there we headed to Cleopatra
where Kevin dispatched his long two year project
He had the bottom wired but just couldn't do the top
after a few attempts on the top out
He did it from the bottom
Here's a little clip of him sending...

From there we headed over to Bedwetters
This has been a project for a while now
It all came down to the last move
I never had that last right hand in the right spot
A few days ago when i went out there, i tried and did the last move
realizing i NEED to bump my right hand up one
Tried it a couple times from the bottom, feel in weird spots
But then, it all came together!
And i sent the climb!
It has amazing movement! I'm so psyched that i have finally completed the rock climb!

After we were done at Bedwetters, we headed over to white face
I have never tried it before, so i was psyched
I was grabbing the first hold you go to just not staying on
I tried the other moves and got to the tiny crimp with my right hand
I'm psyched to come back and give that one a try!


  1. you didn't top it out!

  2. i'll do it again and top it out... first i'll clean the top out so that i don't slip...