Monday, May 2, 2011


i've decided that to lose some weight and tone up my muscles i need to RUN
so i started yesterday
I ran during the day for 10 minutes
And last night Jimmy and I (and Oreo) went on a jog for 1.8 miles of which we walked and the beginning and at the end for the warm up and cool down
This morning i went out with Oreo for about a 0.8 miles of which i walked for the warm up and cool down as well...
I'm getting started
Not going long distances yet, because i get so tired just after one mile!
So i'm going to start running twice a day, morning and evening/night
Oreo will get the exercise and so will I
and Jimmy when ever he goes with us!
I'm excited!
If you see me ask me about my running, that'll keep me motivated!!

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