Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still Bouldering

We had a cold spell here in Chattanooga
So jimmy, aj and I went out to Dayton to try a few things
I got extremely close to Honey Comb, but didn't try hard enough to keep my feet on, so i fell
I tried it over and over again and kept getting to the same spot
Either a foot would pop or i would forget some beta
To finish off the workout for the day, I ended up doing the top part, the V5 finish
about 5 times
This made my biscep burn because of the constant pulling
It was good though, i'm pretty sure i got it all figured out now
Just waiting for that one cold morning to give it another try

We didn't make it down to Hippie Culture but i'll get on that next time as well

We headed home and finish watching the soccer game. From there we headed to Nine Lives which is on Lookout Mtn. It was fun crimpy problem with the crux at the end.
I've been trying for three days now, yesterday being the fourth
Day 1 - figuring out the beta
Day 2 - it rained the day before and it was still a little wet
Day 3 - it was a bit too hot and my skin was too good
all of these days i was getting to the same hold, the crux move... but just wasn't able to stay on, or would dab on the boulder behind me

Yesterday, I tried it again and twice made it to that move
I got frustrated and told myself, o well... i'll just train on it till Aj is done trying it and we'll come back another day
That try i felt really strong and when i got to the crux i ended up sticking the hold, for a second i freaked out and didn't know what to do, luckily jimmy was there to remind me where to go...
I did the last few moves and topped it out! I was so excited!

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