Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, then the Red

Jimmy and I went to his dad's wednesday to spend sometime with them
we didn't celebrate thanksgiving or anything like that, but we went out to eat at this small but really good hamburger place
we then went back to their house and hung out and talked this and that
later that night we drove to jimmy's mom's house to spend the night
the next morning we had a thanksgiving dinner at noonish
jimmy and i were both in a hurry to hit the road, so we didn't stay long after we ate
jimmy was headed back to chatty to meet up with Brion, Hugh and Jacob to head to Horse Shoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas,
while i was on my way to go to the red in Kentucky, where i met up with my mom

Thursday - i got there around 6:30pm so my mom and i found each other and hung out for the rest of the night

Friday - it was suppose to be a cloudy and wet day, but luckily it didn't rain during the day, but it had rained the night before... the sandstone had dried up by the time we were climbing on it, but it was really cold so it was hard to get motivated to climb, but we did it anyway
We went to the PMRP, where we climbed at the Playground (two routes) and at the Volunter Wall (two routes)
It was cold and I had to take on the first two routes because my fingers froze
We ended the evening off with going to Winchester and watching the new Harry Potter Movie (The Sleepy Hollows Part 1) - i thought it was a good movie, can't wait to see part 2!!

Saturday - it was suppose to be a sunny mid 50s day, but it wasn't! It seemed half the day to be colder than it was on Friday...
We went to Solar Collector and climbed on the first two routes there.
We then drove back to the PMRP, where we first went to the Rival Wall where we got on one of the two long 80 foot 5.10s... it was an awesome route but not for how cold and windy it was...
From there we headed back to the parking lot, and up to the Gallery, were we got on two amazing climbs. The first one was very unique, it had vert jugs to slopy slab moves... a lot of fun... the second route was just as fun with a little bit of exposure but on awesome jugs all the way to the top (my mom sent it, even though it was on a top rope, she did it with no falls for the first time!!)

Sunday - today we headed back to the southern region once again, but this time i got on sometime harder, Golden Boy... i wasn't able to complete the climb this trip, but i gave it three efforts and had fun doing it
I also ran into A LOT of old friends that i hadn't seen in a long time, so it was a great time and i got inspired to give Black Gold a try the next time i'm back at the gorge!

Pictures to come

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