Monday, November 8, 2010

HP40 Competition

This past weekend was the HP40 Triple Crown event
This year the temps couldn't of been better!
Even the start of Waterloo was dry!

My friend Angie flew in from Colorado to do the competition,
Also, Isabelle, that's been staying with me did the comp as well!
The event was awesome like always and the people made it even better!

Warming up was a little bit hard at first, but once we got going, nothing could stop us
On second thought, all the sandstone boulders could stop us!!
but it was up to us to try and send those glorious boulders that have defeated us once before!
There were some that day, that shut us down... others went without a fight...
And for some, we had to come back later in the day to complete!
But when I heard that we had 30 mins left and I had three more problems to go, that's when it was game time!
Running around the boulder field frantically trying to find something to fill up my score card with was an awesome experience! (happens every year, but somehow I don't figure out a way of fixing it!!)
It's in those last 30 minutes when you show what you are made of!! Some send hard while others try to find the easy repeat that will fill up slot #10

First Ave Rocks (Adam's gym) was selling Chilly and beer... it was a good mixture
but the best was hearing stories from different friends that you haven't seen in a while
Laughing about random things that have happened in the past
The best is the back massage from the Prana booth, and you hear you're friend saying "oh man, Kasia's getting a back massage"

It's a great event every year, with a few upsets but a lot of great memories!!
Many of the competitors blog about their experiences (Brad, Angie, Brion, and for results)
And we all came to the same conclusion:
The season has come to the south! We are ready to crush!

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