Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Competition at TBA

It's nice to have the competition behind me!
It was a great event for sure, but with everything that is going on...
It was tough to pull through...
Pretty much being responsible for so many things, i'm suprised i didn't forget anything!!

1) keeping in contact with Bill from the "Climb so kids can grow up" organization... making sure we had prizes and flyers...
2) taking holds down holds... washing holds... resetting the gym... (w/ the help of Josh and Tommy)
3) realizing about an hour before the event that 10 of the problem labels are missing... having to print and laminated 10 new ones... with the ink in the printer running low...
4) reazlizing about an hour before the event that we didn't have any score cards set up for the event yet...
5) when it came to the food... thankfully josh provided the hamburger and hot dog buns, and ashley provided the tomatoes, onions and lettuce... i had hot dogs at home that my room mate ended up eatting (ashley was awesome to pick stuff up for me and get water at green life)
6) having to help new customers between 4 - 6 and still getting the gym ready for the comp at the same time
7) three 10 hour days in a row (at the gym) with my calculus class at 1:30 to 3:15... driving from home to work to school to work...
8) after the comp, not having a fast way to calculate the scores... anna fox helped me out with that!

The event happened! From what i heard...
"the problems were awesome"
"the green problems were hard"
"food was good"
"people had a good time"

Before the competition we had already raised around $230 for the charity! During the event from just the food we raised $60! From the competitors we raised $75! That puts us at $365!!
We still have the team kids collecting money from their "pledges" If anyone wants to donate, you still can, just visit the TBA Website!!

I'd like to thank everyone that helped me out! Mostly Josh and Tommy! The extra hand in taking holds down and setting problems really helped out! Thanks to Ashley for helping with the register tonight and with getting my things from home and the water at greenlife! Also i'd like to thank the competitors, without you there would be no competition!! Also thanks to all the sponsors that supported the event!!

I'll be setting more problems over the next few days!!

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  1. It was a great comp! Good job Kash!!!!!! That's awesome that we raised that much money......

    And the problems were great! Hard as always. =)