Friday, June 20, 2014

First Ascents in South Africa

We've been climbing around Cape Town and around Arjan's house finding and developing some cool boulders!  The boys have their eyes set on two awesome boulders, one of which the stand went down yesterday.  

Jimmy on the send of the stand to "Son Krag" 

The other project is at another area that I don't really know how to get there, but it's a hill side littered with boulders.  Lisa, Nathan and I have found a few boulders as well and were able to put up a couple new lines! We have another project right next to "Mirror of Midnight" which looking at it we thought it might be V5 or so.  And that's when we started working it, and it took us a solid 3 or 4 hours to do every move.  Psyched to get back to it in the next fews days and complete the boulder! In the mean time here's a little video of Lisa and I climbing our first ascents!!

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