Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teva Mountain Games

This past weekend i went to the Teva Mountain Games
It was a lot of fun
The climbing was really hard and challenging
After qualifiers i made 20th
Which meant that i was going to be climbing in the semi finals

In qualifiers there were 5 problems in a 5 min on 5 min off rotation
They were all challenging, but I feel that i could of made it to the top of two others but due to my inability to read the sequence right away, i was unable to complete them

In semi-finals, I had the same problem with reading sequences... I guess that's what happens when you have not competed in a while
I ended up in 19th after semi-finals

Overall the weekend was a lot of fun. Jimmy came up and watched me compete which was really awesome!

Sunday we went to Daniel and Courtney's wedding reception that was held at Daniel's house
Courtney looked gorgeous, it was a great celebration with great southern food and music to dance to

Now that i'm back in Chatty, i'm psyched to train hard...
which i did

The day i got back i headed up to Foster's with Aj and Chris
We got on a warm up and then i had the boys try Eclipse
After that i went bolt to bolt on Big empty and i'm really psyched to get back to it and try to send it

After our day of climbing at foster's we headed back to the gym to have a crazy hard workout day
I was intense - pretty much we were unable to finish the workout because we just couldn't do anything any more - we had reached failure
More workouts to come!! Get psyched!

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