Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Days leading up the Colorado

I got back from the red feeling really fit and ready to train and get stronger
work on my crimps some more and overall power and strength

after an unfortunate order of events i hurt my foot
still don't know what it is since i haven't been to the doctor yet
but i'm going tomorrow and i'll know then!

order of events:
saturday: AJ and I had a debate about picking up pennies and if they are lucky or not...
Aj only picks up pennies that are heads up and they bring you good luck
The way i saw it was - it's all money, pick it up
Aj said i'll have bad luck

sunday: we headed to Deep creek to do some climbing; i warmed up and then got on my project... Aj was belaying me and when i got to the rest before the crux and felt uncomfortable doing the dyno runout crux with Aj belaying, so i asked Lu to maybe switch belays with him...
After they switched and went ahead and tried the move, fell and slammed into the wall after taking a 25 to 30 foot whipper... When swinging into the wall i wasn't prepared and my right foot hit it side ways...

Bad luck i guess

The epic part was the hike out of deep creek; jimmy carried me out in the rain... it was hard and really tiring for him!

I called the doctor monday to get an appointment; one place told me that could see me in 2 weeks!! what is that going to do for me? Called another and have an appoint for thursday... that was better!

I've been iceing it and elevating it and having ibuprofen... hopefully it's making it better and getting it to heal faster!

Count down to colorado: 10 days! 10 days to heal and be ready to crush!!

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