Sunday, January 16, 2011

ABS Regionals

Woke up at 8am
left the house at 8:45am
got to the gym a little after 9am
didn't leave the gym till 10pm!

had 7 kids competing at regionals...
AJ Hanson, Luke Holmes, Lydia Fogo, Max Glascock, Anna Fox, Evan Fox and Savage Glascock
out of the seven, five of them made it to finals!!

In finals they all climbed really well, especially since it was all of their first times doing a regional competition (except for Anna)... they were all nervous, but now after the fact I think they will all be fine and not nervous at the next big competition... HOPEFULLY!

I wasn't able to watch the girls climb because I stayed in iso with the boys. I was able to watch Max, Evan and AJ... could definitely tell they were nervous, but they still climbed really well... Evan cut his thumb open on the second climb. In a way set him back, but he tried the third problem and did great on it. AJ was tied going to the third problem, but due to his fingers hurting he didn't trust them in the two finger pockets, so he came up with some crazy beta that got him nowhere. Max sent his first problem second try, and then his nervous kicked in. He got his beta confused on the second and third problems. But after the comp, after showing him the beta, he knew that it was just his nerves. Next time he'll dominate.

Overall the results were as follows:
Anna got 1st - got an invitation to nationals
Lydia got 7th
Evan got 3rd
Max got 4th
Luke got 4th
Savage got 6th
AJ got 3rd

pictures will be posted soon

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