Thursday, July 15, 2010

Five Ten Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest

I have been told to enter Oreo into this photo contest
So I got to looking for pictures of Oreo
and these are the ones that I found...
Help me figure out which one to use...
The problem is, i think it has to be at a climbing area...
So some of them fall out but are still awesome in my opinion...

Oreo at the red (1)

Oreo at the red (2)

Oreo at the motherlode (1)

Oreo at the motherlode (2)

Oreo in the chair

Oreo at Roadside (1)

Oreo at Roadside (2)

Oreo in Lu's truck

Baby Oreo

Oreo at Hueco Tanks

Oreo at Little River Canyon w/ Rocko


  1. Oreo at Roadside 1 or 2 are great crag photos that have a chance of winning, but the one of Oreo on my truck has better lighting, which advertisers like. In addition, R/C may like the fact that you can see climbing gear in the background!?

  2. the floating-head, baby-oreo is my favorite, artistically

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2010

    I like the floating- head baby-oreo.