Saturday, March 20, 2010


First Female Ascent… What about FMA? First male ascent! Now that would be stupid to post anywhere!
Should females write FFA? They didn’t find the boulder, clean it and then send it, did they? Just because they are a female doesn’t mean that they should be getting extra attention… There is gender inequality, and by females writing that they got the FFA, they are make that inequality BIGGER! You don’t see FGA (first german ascent), or FAA (first American ascent). Everyone is a person and no one should be getting extra respect just because they are a female, or german, or black (FBA) or white (FWA)…
I mean it is awesome that girls are breaking through into higher grades, and it should be mentioned when and who send the first V12, V13, eventually V14 and so on… recognition should be given to those individuals… and it should be mentioned as well when they send other hard rock climbs… but making it an FFA!?! It just doesn’t make sense to me!
What about a girl that does the first female ascent of a V4 or V8, should they mention that they got the “FFA”?? Depending on where the rock climb is there might have been 100 people to do it before the “first female” did it… why should it be such a big deal to be the first female to do it? You are just another PERSON! Just be psyched that the rock climb allowed you to send it!!
I just think that an FFA is as ridiculous as someone saying they got the 58th ascent of a climb… You don’t see people doing that… I mean if a female has an 8a, and they update it, people will know that she was the first female to send something or other!
If a girl wants to put a FFA up, go out and find a rock climb, clean it and send it first! That is, I think, a TRUE FFA!