Monday, January 20, 2014

Hueco Tanks

I recently traveled to Hueco after a great trip to Red Rocks! 
The main reason why I was going besides the obvious was to meet up with my former climbing team from Chattanooga.  For their winter break we planned a 10 day trip for them to Hueco.  And it was a great trip!! 

We climbed all around but mostly North Mountain and East Spur.  The kids ended up having small projects through the trip and it was great to see them come back and try them.  

Nathan warming up at the top of the chains

We got lucky with our reservations and volunteer tours.  There were not as many people in Hueco as I would of  suspected.  We were able to get onto North Mountain without reservations several times.  The only time we had a problem was the kids last day in Hueco.  Luckily we ended up getting on a tour and they were able to climb.  

Evan warming up on a highball

We concentrated on a bunch of classic climbs of all grade ranges.  Such as No One Here Gets out Alive and Ghetto Simulator.  I was also able to get on a few boulders that I hadn't done in the past such as Uncut Yogi and Alf in a Blender. 

 Nathan on Ghetto Simulator

Me on Alf in a Blender 

I remember trying Alf in a Blender a couple years ago and thinking to myself that the reach on it was just a little bit bigger than I would be able to do.  I ended up figuring out some crazy beta with heel hooks and toe hooks and even a knee bar!!! This was definitely one of my favorite sends of the trip!

Me trying Chupacabra

When I came to Hueco, I wanted to send Chupacabra.  The main issue with this boulder was that I had to use a left heel hook, and with my knee not being in top shape; I was not able to do the beta that I had tried two years ago.  I was able to do all the other moves on it, so hopefully next time I get out to Hueco I'll be able to try it. 

 Anna on Jigsaw

Anna's project for the trip was Jigsaw.  Unfortunately, she was not able to complete it but got really close and learned many valuable things throughout the processes of projecting.  She tried it over the coarse of three days.  It was really awesome seeing her overcome not being able to send it before we left, which I believe is one of the hardest things to do. 

Kaitlyn on the topout of Mexican Chicken

Kaitlyn was able to send a few harder classic boulders that she had on a list.  It was everyones first time to Hueco so they just had this amazing boulder field to try anything at anytime.  I really love going to new areas.  It's always so much fun to compare the differences and similarities to other areas.  Also you have so many new boulders to try, that sometimes its mind blowing.

Evan working out his beta on Moonshine Roof

Our last day we went out on tour to East Spur.  It was a great day and everyone tried some new boulders and were also able to complete new boulders as well.  Moonshine Roof was the last stop of the tour and we all tried it out.  It has one of the best features i've seen out in Hueco.  

Me flashing Frogger

When the kids left I had several days left before I had to head back home.  I was able to flash my first V9 (Frogger).  I guess having a boyfriend that is known for his flashing, I wanted to start trying my hardest on first tries.  I guess it rubs off.  

 Sunset in Hueco

On one of my last days out, several of us went onto North Mountain and just went around and tried classics V4/5 and under.  I think almost every boulder I tried that day was new to me.  It was one of the best days in Hueco thus far.  It's always so much fun just being able to climb and not worry about projecting or sending hard.  

A hole through the rock

Climbing outside motivates me more than anything else, and it's great that I have finally figured that out.  Climbing in the gym is great and all, but getting out to areas and dealing with camping or dust makes the experience even better!  I love climbing so much, and i'm grateful that I'm able to keep doing it.  Also I'm glad all the kids had a great time and from what their parents told me they couldn't stop talking about it!  Hopefully next year we will be able to organize another trip! The whole time on the trip I was filming many sends and made a little video of the trip, hope everyone enjoys it!! 

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