Saturday, August 24, 2013

Europe, before the World Cup

I have recently moved to Colorado! I still can't believe it!! It took several days to get the place in order but it now feels like home!!


I've only been in Colorado for two weeks and now I am traveling to Europe for the next three weeks.  My first stop was Warsaw where i'm visiting my grandma.  We have already gone to visit a few places.  

Church in Warsaw

But now i'm in Munich, Germany to compete at the Final World Cup event.  I haven't competed in a competition over 9 months.  This will be very exciting but i'm also very nervous! I haven't competed in a World Cup event in many years, so in a way i do not have any expectations because i don't know what to expect.  I just need to keep a good attitude and it will be a great event! Can't wait to compete!! Wish me luck!!

Boarding my flight to Munich! 

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