Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last few months...

The bouldering season usually starts with the first Triple Crown Bouldering Competition in the south at least
It's not that people don't boulder in the summer, it's just the weather starts cooling down usually around the time of the first Triple Crown Comp
They changed it up this year by having the 1st comp at hound ears like always the first weekend in october, but the 2nd comp was at LRC and it was the second weekend in october and the last one was held at horse pens on the 1st weekend of november
It was a good competition series
The highlight of all three triple crown events was that i climb at least ONE new rock climb at each one...
hound ears: 2 new climbs
LRC: 1 new climb
HP40: 3 new climbs

besides climbing i've been really psyched on school because i finally found a major that fits what i want to learn about and when i graduate with the major i will have many different options on what i want to do for a job
i've register for next semester and i have three more left
so that means that my graduation should be May of 2013
I'm so psyched to finally be coming to an end of my college experience!

back to climbing; i've been getting more and more psyched on climbing and pushing myself and my limits...
one thing that i need to concentrate on though is preventing injuries which i have not taken very seriously in the last few weeks

either way i'm psyched and it's getting cold and HUECO in december!

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