Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So it's been 4 days in Colorado
The weather has not been so great
morning to early evenings have been clear skies but then the death storms start rolling in
The boys went to Wolvoland on monday and then met up with me, courtney and daniel at cats for a second round of climbing

At cats i climbed around with one foot not going to far off the ground to make sure if i fell i wasn't falling from too high up and potentially hurting my other foot

The injury definitely sucks because I can't really do anything but at the same time it's giving me time to just be lazy and relax and catch a breath from work and school - hopefully with this rest i will regain energy and heal all my injuries

And now i'll continue my day of rest with doing Sudoku, reading a book, watching videos, playing random computer games and napping

Hope everyone else if having a great summer!

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