Monday, February 21, 2011

Youth Nationals 2011

This past weekend I flew to Boulder, CO once again
This time I was traveling with the Fox Family so that Anna could compete at Youth Nationals
AJ was going out to Colorado as well to compete but he traveled with his grandparents
We met with him on Thursday Night at the competitor check in

middle wall at the competition

There are three days
Qualifiers - 4 problems 4 minutes
Semi finals - 3 problems 5 minutes
Finals - 3 problems 4 minutes

Anna competed Friday morning around 9am

problem 1

problem 2 - flash

problem 3

problem 4 - slab?!?

After qualifiers Anna got 28th
She climbed really well
But you could tell she was nervous
It was her first Nationals so that is to be expected
We have a lot of training to do for next year
Watch out Nationals 2012 - we are going to bring it!

problem 1

problem 1 - flash

I only got these few photos because I got nervous and couldn't take anymore pictures
I had so many pictures of Anna because Evan was taking the pictures while I was watching her
AJ flashed his first problem
Then he got REALLY nervous!
He could not read a sequence or climb well
His nerves took over him
If those problems were at the gym, he would of been able to flash all of them
We need to work with AJ about his nerves!
AJ got 38th

AJ didn't climb till 9pm
So we had a full day to do something
We decided to play putt putt
Winners in order - Jimmy, John, Kasia, AJ, Anna, Evan and Barbara
It was a fun two games of putt putt

We then went to get pizza at this place called Abo's Pizza on the Hill
Huge pizza

Jimmy, Anna, AJ and I split the pizza

Evan got his own slice of pizza

Jimmy eating one of his slices of pizza

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