Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Colorado... once again!

Finally made it to the CO!
first day hiked up to the park... it was a tiring day!! had no sleep really... i tried out the moves on the marble to get a feel for the problem... worked all of them out again... jimmy almost did nothing but sunshine but unfortunetly split open his tip (it has healed alot over the last two days), jon had a good day and sent gangbang and handicaps... it was a long and tiring day!

rest day on the second day but we went to the local theme park and hung out there... also we wasted some more money and time at sam's club... we will have food for the next two years!!

today went to the park, but jimmy forgot his inhaler so we called it a rest day and played mini-golf twice, one in boulder and one in estes park... and in the evening we hiked up to stink bug... jimmy flashed!! i tried out all the moves.
The first move is really reachy and i wasn't able to do it, but i worked out beta for the other moves... maybe eventually i'll grow some and just do the move!!
tomorrow we will be heading up to the park as well... don't exactly know what we are going to be trying...

next time i'll add some pictures... or actually take some tomorrow and over the next few days!! besides that check out jimmy's blog and vimeo account for videos!

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