Sunday, June 14, 2009

Foster's (no pics)

headed out to foster's today
driving up there was a fog above the whole area
guess what?!?
it was humid
every route we got on, started sweating like crazy!!
it was epic
did not really send anything
ran into a bunch of ppl
chaz sent one of his long standing projects...
overall it was a good day!

ALSO tonight the lakers won in Game 5 by 13 points!! DAMN!
nice job lakers!! they are an overall great team... kobe knows how to use every player...
phil jackson is an awesome coach and lets them play the game... doesn't push them, lets them have fun!!

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  1. james shinJune 16, 2009

    whatup Kasia, we met one spring at the red when you were injured. don't know if you remember me too well. I noticed you placed well at gravity brawl. just wanted to say congrats.

    -james shin