Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gravity Brawl

this comp is always one of the best comps of the year
if you dont count the trade show comp that the NE2C hosts as well...
qualifiers was awesome!
great problems
great climbers
awesome energy

they were badass
nothing could ever be better...
music, energy, problems (setters did an amazing job)

i had one of the best climbing days (at a comp) today! i felt awesome...
didn't feel nervous
just went out there and had a good time

OVERALL it was awesome

we missed the after party cause we went out to eat... it happens
we wont have to deal with hang overs tomorrow in new york

tomorrow... going out to do some touring of New York City
monday going climbing at the gunks!
be back in chatty tuesday sometime!!

check out results and stories on the gravity brawl website

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